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  • ZCS Azzurro is the latest generation inverter that combines and integrates ZCS “IT” and “smart” intelligence with the most advanced electronic technology to create a new concept of photovoltaic inverters. 

    The wide range of ZCS Azzurro products are able to meet any energy requirement for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The ZCS Azzurro range consists of more than 100 models of single-phase and three-phase string inverters, storage systems, retrofit or hybrid systems and charging systems for electric vehicles. 

  • ZCS Azzurro is equipped with the innovative ZCS Azzurro Connext system, which allows to optimise the energy management in smart homes consisting of photovoltaic systems, storage systems, heat pumps, home automation and EV recharging stations according to the actual needs of the customer.


Smappee’s future-proof energy management system, Smappee Infinity, uses state-of-the-art technology to analyse the real-time use of electricity, solar power, gas and water. The system not only provides a large amount of highly valuable, actionable data down to the appliance level, but also allows users to control their energy flows. Users can direct excess solar energy to EV chargers and battery storage, optimising self-sufficiency.


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